Lean Body Extreme does not contain bee pollen.

So, the first page caught your interest and now you've got a couple of questions! No problem! Check out these F.A.Q.'s, but feel free to contact us if you have a question that isn't answered below!

Q. I’ve heard that you constantly go to the bathroom with this product. Is that true?

A. Your first month is what I like to call your detox month. Everyone's body isn't the same, but for about 85% of our clients, the following information applies. You can anticipate your body going back to its natural state .. the way it was when  you were just a wee baby! After every meal, you would eliminate. Eventually, over time, the food that we eat accumulate in our colons and our bowel movements slow down and become hard. This also slows down our metabolism and causes us to fell sluggish. With our products, after every meal, you will have a bowel movement within 30 minutes to an hour after you've eaten. Your metabolism will rev up, toxins will start to be eliminated, and you will definitely feel lighter! This should last about a month .. GIVE OR TAKE! Everyone's body is different! Once your body has expelled the harmful toxins, you will go back to a regular bowel movement.

Q. How are toxins eliminated?

A. Toxins are eliminated thru your urine, sweat and bowels.

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Q. My bowel movements are runny. Is that normal?

A.  Absolutely! During your detox period, the build is getting busted up. By drinking lots of water, you are aiding the process and speeding it along. You wouldn't want to have bowel movements that are hard as rocks, right? Believe me… Looser is gentler! You'll thank me and so will your behind!

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Q. Which supplement is the best? The Crab or The Bull?

A. Both supplements work as they should, so one isn't necessarily better than the other! The Bull is a more reserved product but both are awesome for weight loss and will produce results if taken consistantly! It really depends on how your body reacts and responds to the supplements, as everyone isn't the same! ­čÖé

Q. When should I take the capsules?

A. You should take them as soon as you wake up! Add a multi-vitamin and you are ready to Get Tight and Right!

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Q. How quickly do these capsules work?

A. Our products work instantly! The first day you take them, you should feel more energized! You will also notice a decrease in your appetite and less cravings for the things you couldn't be with out before! They are correcting your "bad" habits and teaching you portion control, so pay attention!!  :-) Your water intake will increase, you may sweat more, and you will urinate more. It's working … it really is!

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Q. Is this product for men as well?

A. Oh Yes! Fat doesn't discriminate! We have plenty of male clients and NO .. you will not grow breasts, or cry at commercials or get really sensitive when you see puppies and butterflies! You will still be a manly man and there will be much less of you!  *As an added bonus… Well, I'll save that for a later. Keep reading!!